Quick, Semi-Important Bulletins

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These bulletins will be rather short, depending on the matter. Please take a few minutes to read them. Check the site for new bulletins at least once a month. Thanks!

Useful Art (3/24/2010)

What's better than downloading animations? Downloading useful stuff like my new day planner!! Soon you will be able to print an awesome 2011 planner for school, work, or whatever!

Instead of writing all your day's events in one tiny square, why not write the event to side and mark the day(s) on which the event occurs? I have split the planner into 4 categories; School, Work, Family, and Other (maybe you would write down what time new episodes of your favorite shows are on, or a cross-country trip).

At the very beginning of the book, there is a page for personal information. There are also special pages that may help you if you are cooking, doing math, and even taking an art class! One of these art pages is on the first page beside the personal information. Don't worry; when you staple all the pages together it will be in far back of the book. You may want to print the book on a color printer if you are interested in the art pages!

You won't need any special paper when you print it; all pages are standard 8.5/11, only you will need to fold them in half afterward. Everything is written in 16 to 18-point Tekton Pro font, making the planner easy to read and use by everyone!


Game Programming - Pain & Passion All-in-One 9/22/2011

I know; it's about time I updated this page. :) I've tried to keep everything as up-to-date as possible, but with college and homework and everything else, I've just been too busy. I am studying Programming and Application Development at Western Dakota Technical Institute here in Rapid City, SD. My experiences at WDT have been AMAZING so far! I am studying Game development this semester - HOW FUN!!!

 And yet it can be tricky. Still, I can't wait to put my first collection up for download! :D Check back around December or January to see what I've done!

New FUN animations you can DOWNLOAD!!!

I have been sharpening my commercial art skills! Though I do not have Flash, I used PhotoShop to make 4 cool animations! They are very fun, especially on cell phones. If you want to add any of these images, which can be seen around the site, to your phone, insert your mini SD memory card into the computer, download the image, and copy it to your phone. This should work for any phone and any size screen.